My name is Deepak Varma, Founder Director at Technospirit Consulting. 6 months ago; after multiple meetings with Thomas Verghese; I invested a sizeable amount of funds in Square League in what is termed as “Systematic Transfer Plan”. What this means is that the funds are parked in a safe returns fund plan and every month an earmarked value is moved into a particular fund depending on the market. This works well when the market is volatile and Square League for the first to let me know such an option in Mutual Funds . Am happy to mention that over the last 6 months, my funds have received 14.5% post tax annualise returns,. This is inspite of market volatility the whole of last year. I have also begun my second round; this time a Systematic Investment Plan with Square League this month. Needless to mention; I am heading towards a much awaited financial freedom and my dream historical trip to Machu Picks Peru in 2018. I recommend one and all to invest in Thomas V and Square League and would love to see you soon on the cheerful brighter side of life. This is Deepak from Technospirit Training and Consulting.