The Risk Tolerance Questionnaire is designed to help you assess your client’s risk tolerance and investment objective. These questions are assigned numerical weights to reflect each one’s comparative importance in overall risk determination. These weights are identified in parentheses next to each answer choice. Completing the questionnaire in its entirety will allow you to better evaluate your client’s profile.

1. For these funds, which of the following closely aligns with your current financial goal? Please select one.

2. How long do you plan to keep these funds invested in order to achieve your financial goal?

3. Every investment has an opportunity for both risk and reward. The chart below represents a one-year hypothetical risk and reward scenario for five portfolios with incremental levels of risk and reward for a hypothetical initital investment of $100,000. Select the option with which you are most comfortable. Note: these numbers are not representative of your potential target portfolios. Please select one.

4. How would you react to a significant fall in the value of the stock market?

5. How soon would you need these funds to recover after experiencing a sudden meaningful loss in value?

6. How would you respond to the following statement: I am comfortable investing during times of uncertainty.

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