“The train came and stopped in front of me, while I sat on the bench listening to music. All I could hear was “shape of you” and nothing else. I didn’t bother to ask anyone the arrival time of my train. I dint bother to look at the train number. Engrossed in the music, I saw the train leave. When it gained speed I realized this is the train I wanted to get into. By the time I got ready with my bag , the train left. All I could do was run behind it , all I could do was get furious at myself, cringe amid my sleep”.
“Those are dividends from some investment that dad made” replied Mom which left me thoughtful to understand the meaning of dividends. I remember we used to get dividends in the form of cheque those days at regular intervals. Mom kept thinking it’s a constant cheque which kept coming from the investment dad made long time back. Which was true for sure , but little did we know Dad who now sat comfortably on the wall of the living room, had done one of the best investment in his life.
“Mercator lines limited “ announced the relationship manager in Karvy stock broking to whom I took the dividend documents to enquire what is the base of this money we kept getting on regular basis. Being an ignorant 20 year old, I had no clue what the company does and how that could impact my life. With great difficulty the relationship manager made me understand what is a share and what a share price is .”Your mother holds 14000 shares of this company “ said the RM who by now realized there is no point tell me how to D materialize the same as almost everything went above my head. But he offer all the documents and procedures to do the process which is time consuming. He said Dad had invested 600 rupees in 1994 which after many stock splits and bonus issues is now 14000 shares. Hiding my curiosity with a great difficulty , I returned home to check in Google the share price of Mercator lines limited. It read 184. 14000 shares @ 184!! Yes searching for the calculator was the first thing I did to see the current price. After sinking in this fact, we together wasted no time and started the documentation process which took a solid 4 months.Please read the first sentence again.

Start saving at very young age into shares and mutual funds.Get a right professional advisor to help you do that. Make him work on all investment you have.Understand your risk profile and appetite for the amount of risk that you can take.Make a healthy portfolio into different avenues of investments like. FD, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Corporate bonds, PMSs, and even Crypto Currencies Do a goal setting and invest accordingly. Eg if you want to buy a car costing 10 lakhs in another 3 years,plan now and do monthly allocation for that and get committed to it. Keep buying stocks in small amounts into companies with good business. A month went past and another dividend comes home which had 20,000 shares. And that read MRF (Yes, google it now).
Disclaimer : All investment related to the market are subjected to risk , you may have to read through the offer documents before making any investments decisions.